• The health keeping secret of Peng Zu

    eat reishi and drink dew

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  • 500 Acres of Organic Reishi Cultivation Base

    Imitative Wild Cultivation with Big Duanwood

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  • Reishi shell broken spore powder capsule

    Improve health with only $6.6 one day

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Organic Reishi Base

Organic reishi from Wuyi Mountain, imitative wild cultivation with big duanwood

GMP Workshop

0.1 Million Class Workshop in health industry park with other long-term cooperated ones

R&D Center

Cooperated with School of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Xiamen University

Organic Reishi Extract Powder 

reishi polysaccharide 7%, reishi triterpene 10%

Proceed ethanol extraction first, then water extraction, at least double ethanol extraction with different concentration ethanol, to get more reishi triterpene and other active ingredients from organic reishi.

◆ 100% Pure and Organic  ◆ 1:0.05 extraction  ◆ Without any dextrin nor starch

Organic Reishi Spore Oil Capsule

reishi triterpene 28.8%

Double extraction with patent technology , “tower gradient percolation method” on the basis of supercritical CO2 extraction to extract active components, then they can be easily absorbed by human body.

◆ Help anti-cancer and tumor  ◆ Protect liver from drugs and alcohol damage

◆ Help liver detoxification  ◆ Boost immunity system

Wuyishan Reishi Health Tourism

Health Industry Park

A large health industry park located in Xiandian industrial zone, Wuyishan City

Health Hotel

Located in the place 200 Meters away from the South Entrance to Wuyi Mountain Scenic Spot

Tour Schedule

Seek for authentic and organic reishi, enjoy Wuyi Mountain Sightseeing

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