Technology Certification

“Fujian science and technology progress” prize

Reishi total triterpene extract invention patent certification

Reishi granules preparation invention patent certification

High-tech enterprise certification

Intellectual property rights advantage enterprise certification

Reishi Base Certification

Organic conversion certification

Wuyi Mountain reishi origin certification

ISO9001 quality management system certification

Strains of Ganoderma Lucidum identification certification

Strains of Ganoderma Sinense identification certification

Product Test Report

SGS test report of triterpenoids 28.8% from EcoGano reishi spore oil soft capsules

Reishi spore powder capsule health food batch number, country food healthy character G20080421

Reishi spore oil soft capsule health food batch number, country food healthy character G20080602

Partner Certification

School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SPS) in Xiamen University (XMU) – EcoGano biomedical R&D center

Teaching practice base of Xiamen University