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An S-shaped object, usually made of jade, formerly a symbol of good luck

Brand pursuit


Brand name

EcoGano, health and original ecology

Our brands YuanShengTai (EcoGano) and another Chinese word YuanShengTai (original ecology) are two homonyms, which implies the enterprise cultural appeal of people oriented and nature admiring.

The logo design adopts Chinese characters as creative elements and combines Chinese traditional wishful reishi moire and happiness culture to highlight the brand feature, aiming to start people beautiful life with good luck and happiness by Chinese most famous immort grass – reishi in Wuyi Mountain.

EcoGano (YuanShengTai) Health Industry Group

EcoGano brand can be traced back to 1688 AD. After more than 300 years painstaking effort, it has developed from pioneering Taoists’ancient reishi culivation to morden advanced menthod. Also it becomes a leading integrated enterprise with reishi planting, research, production and marketing.

500 acres

organic reishi cultivation base

3 species

top quality reishi

15 acres

health industry park

11.6 acres

health hotel


national patents and core technologies

3 series

independent research and development products


cooperated higher education institutions


domestic entity stores

EcoGano is a high-tech enterprise, science and technology little giant leader enterprise, key listed reserve enterprises in Fujian and Nanping intellectual property rights advantage enterprise. It has developed the technology of “the tower gradient percolation method” to extract triterpene from reishi, granules preparation method of reishi and so on.

EcoGano  has Ganoderma herbal base more than 500 acres in Wuyishan City, which mainly  distributed in three townships of Wufu, Xingtian and Wutun, has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, organic certification.

Its subordinate products include reishi spore oil, shell-broken reishi spore powder, vitality panacea pills, reishi tea, reishi liquor, reishi beauty soap, reishi healthy food and other Wuyi Mountain health care and beauty series products.

EcoGano processing facility includes workshops for supercritical carbon dioxide extraction, ethanol towergradient percolation, spore shell-broken, fruit body crushing, and manufacturing soft and hard plant capsules, powders, granules, pills, oral liquid, tablets products and so on, the purification standard has reached 0.1 million grade.

EcoGano entity stores can offer leisure and health living way and Wuyi reishi product experience to consumers. The store all has ancient Chinese style decoration, consumers can taste ganoderma tea, ganoderma alcohol, and enjoy family health therapy also learning PengZu health culture and health keeping knowledge.

Our strategic partner, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SPS) in Xiamen University (XMU)  jointly established biomedical research and development center with us, in-depth study of the core pharmacological components of Wuyi reishi and Wuyi Mountain Chinese herbal medicine, also natural anti-cancer drug research and other development projects.

At present, we have established EcoGano health hotel, which has  healthy food, related nutritionists and offer customized health tourism projects. The annual reception of health tour had reached more than 30,000 customers.

EcoGano advocated the concept of “Peng Zu’s Nourishing Life “, and focused on the study of inheriting his health culture. We has launched Wuyi Mountain health tour, Wuyi Mountain ganoderma health QiGong and other innovative activities.

“Profession, innovation, credibility and win-win” is the philosophy that EcoGano always adheres to,

“Ample archaeus accompanied by good things, Good health brings happiness” is the three hundred years of invariable wish of EcoGano. Good reishi, is from Wuyi, EcoGano will share a healthy and bright future with you.