300 years history, since 1688

1688 AD, Mao Shisheng , ancestors of Mao family, hunted a deer, got its blood, followed the Taoist priest in Taoyuan Cave, added sticky rice and realgar, and splashed on rotten places of old trees.  After Grain Rain, reishi grew and was recorded in Huajing, which initiated the precedent of reishi planting in Wuyi Mountain.

1763 AD,Mao Riyan, established EcoGano commercial firm was established to specialize in the business of reishi and laid solid foundation for its development.

1816 AD, Mao Jike, combined years of medicine practice experience and finally refined reishi pill.

1847AD, the pill was chosen as the national gift and presented to the queen of the United Kingdom by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Li Hongzhang.

1943 AD, to facilitate further production, circulation and transaction of reishi, a bank was established in Pinglu village in Shangxi province to issue bank note of one cent, two cents and three cents. Reishi only could be purchased with bank note. Then reishi industry had its own official quoteprice.

Modern History

2006,  Mao Jinghu, founded EcoGano, start to extract reishi spore powder and oil through modern advanced technology. The company becomes new generation reishi enterprise based on inheritance of profound historical and cultural heritage.

EcoGano drafted and formulated SOP cultivation and production standard on Wuyi Mountain reishi medicinal materials, every link of reishi production including cultivation base choose, strain selection, cultivation technology, recovery, procession and quality control etc are all detailedly stipulated, which is also adopted by other domestic well-known enterprises. Bionics wild reishi cultivation base with large log were set up gradually in XiangTian, FengGu, WuTun, DaAn etc.

2008,  EcoGano reishi spore oil soft capsules, reishi spore powder capsules obtained country food healthy character authorized by State Food and Drug Administration.

2010, EcoGano set up farmers’ Specialized Cooperative of Chinese Herbal Medicine Planting in Wuyi Mountain

2011,  rigin certificate awarded by Wuyi City Agricultural Bureau.

2012, be cooperative partner of “the Olympic Games” in CCTV Enterprise Channel.

Agreement of co-build Wuyi Mountain teaching and practice base was officially signed with school of pharmaceutical science Xiamen University,

Cooperation agreement of Extractive Technique and Product Research of Key Anticancer Pharmaceutical Components of reishi was signed with Medical College of Xiamen University.

2013,  EcoGano “three super extract technology” was awarded Fujian science and technology progress prize
 Wuyi nourishing life magazine founded by EcoGano started to be issued.

2014, drawing materials from Wuyi Mountain Reishi Base, the Consumer Advocates in CCTV broadcasted feature program Explore Authentic Medicinal Herbs and Seek for Reishi , exposing the growing environment of Wuyi reishi in all dimensions and popularizing the health benefits of reishi scientifically.

Pengzu Institute of Health and Longevity in Wuyi Mountain city was established.

2015, school of pharmaceutical science Xiamen University – EcoGano Biomedical R&D center was established.

Fuzhou health and well-being science technology Co., Ltd was set up by EcoGano

EcoGano Wuyi reishi has made its stage poses in the first 21st century Maritime Silk Road Expo and the 13th China-Strait Program Fair successively, which became the attentive focus of media such as Fujian Economic Channel and was inspected by municipal party secretary of Nanping city.

Fujian Agricultural Bureau detected the reishi spores oil, which showed that he content of key anticancer component (reishi total triterpenes) amounts to 36%, refreshing the former record again.

2016,  EcoGano health hotel was founded in Wuyi Mountain.

EcoGano was cited as Fujian high-tech enterprise, key listed reserve enterprises and Nanping intellectual property rights advantage enterprise

EcoGano wuyi reishi medicinal materials cultivation base obtained organic certification issued by China Quality Certification Center, also passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification

The First Sustainable Development Forum of Ecological Industry in Wuyi Mountain undertaken by EcoGano had been held successfully.

2017, EcoGano Health Industry Park was built in Xiandian Industrial Park in Wuyi city.

The First Wuyi Tourism Festival of Health Preserving Culture and reishi Cultural Festival undertaken by EcoGano had been held successfully.