500 Acres of Organic Reishi and Chinese Herbal Medicine Cultivation Base

Organic reishi bases of EcoGano are mainly distributed in XingTian, FengGu, WuTun, DaAn, WuFu primeval forest around Wuyi Mountain.

Great advantages of Wuyi Mountian ecosystem

□ The largest and the most complete primordial forest ecosystem in mid-subtropical areas. A large number of rotten wood and fallen leaves provide rich nutrients to soil, also Wuyi Mountain is Danxia landform with weak acidic soil, which is very suitable for reishi growth

□ Moderate and moist climate,fertile soil and favorable water quality without source of pollution

□ Fresh air, the average concentration of negative oxygen ions in the air is 66034 per cubic meter

Certification of Wuyi Mountain Organic Reishi Bases

Organic certification from China Quality Certification Center

Origin certificate awarded by Wuyishan City Agricultural Bureau

ISO9001 quality management system certification

GAP Reishi Imitative Wild Cultivation of Organic Reishi Bases

Regular detection of water and soil quality

Organic Reishi Bases is detected by related departments at fixed period so as to ensure the dominance of reishi growth environment. Exit-Entry Inspection & Quarantine Bureau in Fujian drew the irrigation water and soil at random in the base and detected, the test result displays that both qualities are superior to standard values evidently.

Selected Wuzhi G-L8 strains

Autonomous cultivation of high-quality G-L8 strains, Wuyi Mountain wild reishi trained as the first generation of mother, retains the excellent gene of Di Tao (Authentic) Wuyi reishi, which were identified by Institute of Microbiology Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Imitative wild cultivation with big duanwood (log)

Take abundantly nutritious big duanwood as culture-medium, without chemical fertilizer, pesticide nor transgenic technology during cultivation. One duanwood imitative wild planting one reishi, the fruit boy grown is big, beautifully shaped, more pulp and with high active ingredients. Also the spore powders released are all full with higher purification and more oil.

EcoGano wuiyi organic reishi takes trunk of 30 years old fir tree with more than 30cm diameter as media, and the trees grow in high Mountains with an altitude of 1500 meters to 1800 meters.

Process SOP (Standard Operation Procedure)of Reishi Cultivation strictly

Every link of reishi cultivation in Wuyi Mountain Organic Reishi Bases, including seed selection, cultivation, harvest and procession, is based on high-level requirements in SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) of Reishi Cultivation.

One land will be recuperated by grass, fruit, other plants growing and poultry feeding for 4 years after 2 years cultivation of reishi, to ensure which is fertile enough to offer nurtrient for reishi growing.